Consilium’s 4th Annual Bye-bye Bag Campaign: A Record-Breaking Show of Compassion

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At Consilium, we take pride in our commitment to making a positive impact on our community. Our mission has always extended beyond simply being a locum tenens company, and this year’s 4th Annual Bye-bye Bag Campaign with Vogel Alcove exemplifies our dedication to giving back. Together with Vogel Alcove, an organization whose mission is “to help young children overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness”, we embarked on a journey to provide as many nightly meals as possible for the Vogel kids.

Mission Accomplished: Beyond Expectations

Our goal for this year’s Bye-bye Bag Campaign was to create and deliver 1,565 snack bags to the children at Vogel Alcove. But at Consilium, we believe in setting the bar high, and our incredible teams exceeded expectations. When the campaign concluded at the end of July, we proudly announced that we had delivered a staggering 2,339 snack bags to Vogel Alcove.

This achievement is a testament to the dedication and passion of our employees. Each snack bag is not just a meal; it’s a symbol of hope, love, and compassion. Our hope is that these children know that they are loved.

A Creative Touch: More than Just Snack Bags

Consilium’s commitment to this campaign goes beyond numbers. We understand that the experience of receiving these meal bags should be special for the children at Vogel Alcove. That’s why when we do the annual Bye-bye Bag Campaign, we don’t just fill these bags with food; we also decorate each one with hand-drawn illustrations and inspirational quotes.

The act of decorating these bags transformed our team members into bona fide artists. It was heartwarming to see the creativity and care that went into each design.

Friendly Competition: A Driving Force

At Consilium, we thrive on teamwork and friendly competition. Our various company divisions came together not only to meet our campaign goal but to vie for the top contributor position. The spirit of competition added a thrilling element to the campaign, pushing teams to strive for excellence.

In the end, the results spoke for themselves. One team, in particular, achieved an astounding average of 25 bags donated per team member. This level of commitment and dedication showcases the culture we love within the company.

Meeting Urgent Needs: Vogel Alcove’s Testimony

Heather Bradford, the Director of Special Events and Volunteer Engagement at Vogel Alcove, emphasized the vital role these snack bags play. “The bags will be distributed as quickly as they arrive,” she said. This statement underscores the urgency of addressing the hunger faced by the children Vogel Alcove serves daily.

These snack bags provide a vital meal as children transition out of Vogel Alcove for the night. They bridge the gap between uncertainty and comfort, and Consilium is honored to be a part of this life-changing initiative.

Inspiring Stories: A Word from Our Team Members

Here’s what some of our team members said about their experience with the Bye-bye Bag Campaign:

Norma Rodriguez: “My favorite part was coloring and writing encouraging words for the kids. It’s a great feeling providing for the kids.”

Allie Purnell: “Bye-bye Bags is such a special project after partnering for so many years with Vogel Alcove. It’s inspiring to watch our people’s competitive nature fueled by their passion for the community make such an impact. Watching our teams donate, decorate, and fill up the bags is refreshing, but the ultimate impact of making sure these kids do not go hungry is even more rewarding!”

Vogel Alcove: A Beacon of Hope

Vogel Alcove has been serving the needs of young children experiencing homelessness since 1987. They have made a monumental impact, having supported 17,000 young children and their families over the years. Their team of highly skilled teachers, social workers, counselors, and therapists work tirelessly to help children cope with the trauma of homelessness in Dallas and provide parents with the support they need to improve their families’ lives.

The Consilium family is proud to stand alongside Vogel Alcove in this noble endeavor. Our shared commitment to making a difference in the lives of these children continues to be a source of inspiration and motivation for all of us at Consilium.

How You Can Make a Difference Too

If you’re inspired by our Bye-bye Bag Campaign and Vogel Alcove’s mission, there are several ways you can get involved:

  1. Donate: You can organize donations to purchase the contents of these snack bags or have them donated. Every contribution counts and helps make a difference in the lives of these children.
  2. Volunteer: Consider volunteering your time and skills to support Vogel Alcove. Your presence can have a profound impact on these children’s lives.
  3. Spread the Word: Share the story of our Bye-bye Bag Campaign and Vogel Alcove’s mission. Awareness is a powerful tool for change.

At Consilium, we firmly believe that through this philanthropic effort, we can create a brighter future for children facing homelessness. Our partnership with Vogel Alcove is a testament to our commitment to making a lasting, positive impact on our community.

As we look back on the success of our 4th Annual Bye-bye Bag Campaign, we are filled with gratitude for our dedicated employees and the inspiring children and families of Vogel Alcove. We look forward to continuing this journey of compassion and making an even greater impact in the years to come.

Consilium is a locum tenens firm with over a decade of award-winning, successful experience in the healthcare staffing industry. Founded by six healthcare staffing leaders, with a combined industry experience of more than 70 years, Consilium’s approach is focused on people and places, more than just placements. This shows up in our commitment to serve the healthcare facilities that choose to partner with us.

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