A Donation to the Christi Carter Urchel Family Resource Center

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In the heart of Dallas, Texas, the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children exists as a place of hope and healing for children and families grappling with the complexities of pediatric health conditions. While the hospital itself is renowned for its exceptional care, you may not be as familiar with the Christi Carter Urschel Family Resource Center, yet it plays a vital role in supporting patients and their families during their healthcare journey. In a recent philanthropic effort, Consilium Staffing orchestrated a heartfelt fundraiser with the explicit goal of enhancing the lives of these young patients through the transformative influence of literature.

The Family Resource Center: A Haven of Support

The Christi Carter Urschel Family Resource Center within Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is a sanctuary of knowledge, solace, and empowerment. Its mission, succinctly put, is “to provide health information and support resources to patients and families to help them make informed healthcare decisions and improve their quality of life.” This pillar of assistance offers a wide array of resources, but one treasure within it is the library, a place where the healing magic of books comes alive.

Children navigating a life with health challenges can often be extremely difficult to understand, especially when they have to be in various health facilities. But at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, there’s a place where they can feel safe and comforted – the Family Resource Center library. It’s filled with stories and beloved characters that become a source of refuge. To meet these kids’ special needs, the library has Child Life books that provide comfort, companionship, and understanding, making it a vital part of their emotional healing. The books are handpicked specifically to provide the children with stories they can connect with at this most precious time in their lives. This was something that struck a chord with Consilium’s philanthropic organization Consilium Cares, and a plan was made in partnership with Scottish Rite.

A Bowling Tournament with a Purpose

Consilium decided to take a novel approach to support Scottish Rite Hospital’s Family Resource Center library. They organized a bowling tournament, not only to raise much-needed funds but also to bring their staff together through this unified effort of compassion. While some teams were excited about competing for being the most fashionable, others heated up the event by showing off their bowling skills.

It was a resounding success, not only in terms of its fundraising goals but also in raising awareness about the critical role that the library plays in the lives of young patients. As an extra treat, participants had the pleasure of indulging in the Scottish Rite’s famous popcorn, a delightful touch brought by the hospital’s representatives who attended the fundraiser.

Exceeding Expectations

Initially, the goal was set to raise enough money to purchase 1 of each of the items on the library’s book wish list, made especially for this occasion. However, the power of collective goodwill and generosity prevailed, resulting in a donation that would allow the Family Resource Center library to acquire various copies of the books on their carefully curated wish list.

The impact of this achievement cannot be understated. Each book added to the library’s collection becomes a ray of hope and a source of comfort for the children who visit the center.

Visiting Scottish Rite Hospital

At the end of September, representatives from Consilium Staffing had the privilege of delivering the funds raised to the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. This visit was more than just a financial transaction; it was an opportunity to immerse themselves in the hospital’s rich history and witness firsthand the remarkable work being done to care for and support children in the Dallas area.

As Consilium staff members walked through the hospital’s front doors, it was immediately evident that this was a place where children felt safe and cared for. Every hospital unit was designed with playful themes and aesthetics, transforming the traditional medical environment into one filled with positivity and joy. Activities were in abundance throughout the day, ensuring that children could experience moments of laughter and delight even in the midst of their medical journey. One of the Consilium Staffing employees who had the privilege of touring the hospital shared their experience, saying, “Scottish Rite makes an unfaltering effort to make the lives of children better, and that’s apparent when you walk through the giant bright red crayon-framed front doors. I’m so glad Consilium could be a part of funding the children’s library.” (Caleb Gentry)

Pioneers in Pediatric Orthopedic Care

Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is renowned for treating some of the world’s most complex orthopedic cases, as well as certain related arthritic and neurological disorders and learning disorders like dyslexia. The hospital’s six Centers for Excellence are home to specialists who dedicate their lives to practicing, researching, and pioneering pediatric orthopedic care.

This commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that young patients receive the highest level of care and support, giving them a brighter and healthier future.

A Lifelong Impact

Consilium Staffing’s involvement in this noble cause not only contributed to the tangible goal of acquiring more books for the library but also added to the intangible wealth of compassion and kindness in the world. It underscored the belief that, by coming together as a community, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

In the end, this heartwarming story of compassion, collaboration, and commitment serves as a reminder that even the smallest act of kindness can have a profound impact on the lives of children and their families, especially in their time of need. The Family Resource Center library will continue to be a place where stories inspire, characters offer companionship, and every page turns into a path toward healing and hope.

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