Life is what YOU make it at Consilium.

Consilium is more than just a staffing agency, it’s where your career dreams take flight! We’re dedicated to creating a workplace that’s not only rewarding but also fun and motivating. Let’s create success together!

What is a Win Meeting Consilium Cares Fellowship Friday Servant Leadership ?

Win Meetings

How do we have such a positive culture? Learn about our Win Meetings.

Consilium Cares

At Consilium, we share a spirit of service. That passion is channeled through our philanthropic efforts.

Fellowship Friday

Fridays aren't simply Fridays. Consilium likes to end the week by coming together and lifting each other up.

Servant Leadership

Being a great leader isn't simply taking charge. Through our Servant Leadership program, learn how you can be effective and motivating.

Where It All Started

Small beginnings

Consilium was founded by six healthcare staffing industry leaders, who until a chance meeting between two of the individuals, were all headed in different directions. Four of the members had left the industry altogether: one running his own consultancy, another practicing law, and two more running an investment office. Another was still in the industry, but then looking to make a career change; and the last was toiling away in her current position searching for a better purpose.

The chance meeting between two of the founding members led to a discussion, and then some ideas, and then ultimately to more members of the founding team. The group then approached one of the true legends in physician placement for whom they had worked previously, Joe Hawkins. With Joe’s blessing and endorsement, Consilium Staffing was born.

The Holstein cow mailbox.

Symbolic, on many levels as to the start of Consilium Staffing. And yet functional too, as this was the very first mailbox of Consilium Staffing when the company opened its doors for business in Valley View, Texas (population 757).

Celebrate team excellence.

Our “Win Meetings” are one of several ways we like to celebrate YOU and your wins. Every month, our teams gather together to acknowledge company successes. We like to celebrate and reward employees for hard work,  dedication, and going above and beyond.

Consilium is not only committed to facilitating a path to your success, but we are dedicated to creating a fun and motivating work environment. 

Giving back to our community

Serving as our company’s philanthropic arm, Consilium Cares embodies our dedication to making a positive impact on the Dallas/Fort Worth community. This initiative is more than just a charitable program; it’s a reflection of our corporate ethos and our unwavering belief in the power of collective giving.

Partnerships making a difference

Consilium Cares is deeply rooted in collaboration with organizations that share our passion for the betterment of our community. We’ve made impactful partnerships with organizations like the Texas Conservation Alliance, Metrocrest Services, Scottish Rite for Children, Vogel Alcove and many more. These collaborations enable us to address diverse needs within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, ranging from environmental conservation to youth healthcare.

Aligning actions with values

At the core of Consilium Cares lies a profound connection to our company values: Accountability, Competitive Spirit, Growth Driven, Integrity, Servant Spirit, Passion, and Love. This philanthropic initiative serves as the tangible manifestation of our commitment to these principles. Every event, every partnership, and every contribution made through Consilium Cares is a deliberate step towards living our values.

Not your typical corporate Friday

At the end of every week, Consilium staff members come together to reflect on the work week. We highlight team members and recognize their accomplishments. At the end, staff members have the option to join in our prayer of fellowship and thanks led by one of the company partners. 

Setting a standard for leadership

Among our many traditions at Consilium, our Servant Leadership program is one that stands out above many others that we offer. To be a Servant Leader requires humility, diligence, sacrifice, and love. Candidates for the program undergo training and instruction given by our Vice President of Professional Development, Mike Danchak.