Everything you need to know about “Local Tennis”

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The phrase Locum Tenens is a Latin term that means, “To hold the place of, substitute for.” A Locum Tenens provider is someone who is working at healthcare facilities on a temporary basis to either fill gaps or fulfill a position short term until a fulltime provider is found. These contract jobs can either be local or require the provider to travel. The typical length of a Locums placement can either be a few days, weeks or even up to a few months depending on the need.
Locum Tenens is specifically contract work for physicians, CRNAs, PAs, NPs and psychologists. This does NOT include travel nurses, which is a common misconception. According to Locumpedia as of 2022, there are more than 50,000 providers who work Locums and almost 90% of healthcare facilities in the US use Locums physicians. Definitive Healthcare’s numbers show that in 2022 Texas, California and Ohio were predicted to have the highest number of locums providers.
You might be curious as to why a provider would work locums. One of the main benefits is the flexibility, these providers have the option of when, where and how long they are working for. Another pro of working locums is the high earning potential. According to the Medscape 2023 Physician Compensation Report, physicians working locum tenens earn nearly 10% more than a full time physician. Professional development is also a key benefit of working locums, this allows for physicians to work at a variety of facilities and a broad range of assignments, with every contract being a learning opportunity.

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