An introduction to Consilium's recruiting process

We strive to find optimal job matches for candidates who align with our core values and can make an immediate impact. We search for self-motivated individuals who want a rewarding career with opportunities for promotion.

The Recruiting Process

Fill out an application. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

One of our recruiters will carefully review your application to determine how well it aligns with our needs.

If your skills match what we’re looking for, our talent acquisition team will be in touch to arrange an in-person interview.

How to prepare for an interview

Knowing what we’re looking for in candidates not only helps you determine if Consilium is a good fit, but also helps you know how to prepare for an interview with one of our corporate recruiters.

You’re off to a great start if you’ve gotten this far! Getting to know who Consilium is, the locum tenens industry, and the infrastructure of our company is the first thing you want to do to prepare for your interview. You will want to understand how the position you’re applying for fits into the bigger picture.

Business professional should be standard attire for your interview. 

To better learn about the role you’re applying for, be prepared with questions that recruiters can answer. Having questions prepared ahead of time related to Consilium or the industry will show recruiters your interest level and seriousness in joining the team.

This is your chance to brag about your professional wins, so practice how you’re going to share them. Get ready to explain challenges you’ve faced and how you overcame them.

Be ready to address questions your recruiter might have about your work history or background. This is the last chance for you to show that you’re the best fit for the job.

Meet the Recruiter

Corporate Recruiting ask Consilium team members to share what it’s like working at Consilium and what their future plans are.

Our corporate recruiters

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