What is Locum Tenens? – Inactive

Locum Tenens is a Latin phrase that means “to hold the place of; to substitute for.” The healthcare industry has adopted locum tenens to refer to short-term or temporary staffing for providers.

The Locums Opportunity

The locum tenens industry represents a $4.4 billion market, providing advantageous income and career advancement for providers and recruiters, and the ability to deliver continuity of care for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Consilium Staffing’s revenue represents less than 1% of the total locum tenens industry, which positions our organization for accelerated growth – and gives our employees the chance to be a part of flourishing industry. Locum tenens assignments aren’t a new product or service, so there’s no need to convince hospitals, clinics, or even providers why short-term healthcare professionals are an advantageous staffing solution. Instead, we simply need to convince clients and providers that the best firm to do business with is Consilium Staffing.