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Our recruiting consultants are focused on building a personnel pipeline of healthcare professionals who can provide coverage to facilities when they’re in need of supplemental, replacement, or additional staff, including psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, psychologists, and neurologists. We accomplish this mission by connecting with healthcare providers who are actively seeking career opportunities. Our channels include phone calls, texts, and emails, as well as job boards and social media platforms for advertising jobs. Once we find potential candidates, we thoroughly evaluate their credentials and walk them through the locum tenens process. 

Our team begins each day with a quick team huddle to set the focus and objectives and identify  specific goals. We meet again at the end of the day to discuss wins and achievements. 

Individuals who step into a recruiting consultant role have the chance to positively impact communities across the United States — and also help healthcare professionals find their next great career opportunity. Our recruiting consultants are empowered to build and foster relationships with healthcare professionals and create a positive long-lasting relationship with our staffing firm. 

While Behavioral Health (BH) North recruiters are connected to other recruiters through the recruiting department and participate in trainings and celebrate together as a whole, we work in the North region specific with a focus on Behavioral Health. The BH North recruiters are fierce group and come to compete every day. We balance competitiveness and accountability with a light hearted and a not too serious approach. There is never a doubt that the BH North recruiters are playing for the number one spot and that drives results and growth for everyone on the team.

The opportunities available in the locum tenens sector are greater now than ever before. If you’re interested in joining a team driven to make the most of that opportunity, Consilium Staffing is the clear choice.

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