Account Management – Inactive

Our account management team is focused on fostering relationships between recruiters and their markets as well as clients and providers. Our job is to grow market share with existing clients through consistent detailed communication, relationship building, and service excellence. We accomplish this mission by aligning the needs of our valued clients (introduced to us by client sales consultants) with the skills of our highly-vetted  providers (introduced to us by our recruitment consultants). 

Each day, the account management team focuses on facilitating the right client-provider match by introducing candidates and clients through the proper channels and ensuring that all meetings and follow-up calls are handled smoothly. We work to quickly solve any issues that may arise and we keep all parties informed about key dates, extensions, and new opportunities. 

Within the organization, this team is the center spoke of the wheel, handling all aspects of the business, including credentialing, logistics, and invoicing.

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